Ala Avoyan ალა ავოიანი

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Indiana University. I received my PhD in economics at NYU.

My primary research interests are in experimental and behavioral economics as well as micro theory.

Here is my CV.

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  1. Behavioral Market Design For Online Gaming Platforms (with Robizon Khubulashvili and Giorgi Mekerishvili) , Management Science, forthcoming.
  2. A Road to Efficiency Through Communication and Commitment (with João Ramos), American Economic Review, 113 (9), (2023).
  3. Planned vs. Actual Attention (with Mauricio Ribeiro, Andrew Schotter, Elizabeth R. Schotter, Mehrdad Vaziri, Minghao Zou), Management Science, (2023).
  4. Paying for Inattention (with Giorgia Romagnoli), Economics Letters, 124, (2023).
  5. Attention In Games: An Experimental Study (with Andrew Schotter), European Economic Review, 124, (2020).

Working Papers

  1. Communication In Global Games: Theory and Experiment
  2. Team work under Time Constraints (with Haoran He and Kelin Lu)
  3. Meta-Study: Past, Present, and Future of Minimum Effort Games
  4. Choice and Time Allocation in Contracts (with Mauricio Ribeiro and Andrew Schotter)
  5. Strategic Uncertainty and Sequential Play (with Daniela Valdivia)
  6. Disclosure in Groups: an Experimental Study (with Paula Onuchic)